Today I watch some of the performances from the Grammys.  My favorites were Al Green and Justin Timberlake with Boyz II Men and Keith Urban.  JT tore it up!  Loved it.  Al Green was really singing his heart out as well.  

The star of the night had to have been M.I.A. performing despite being due to give birth yesterday.  She was supporting the “Rap Pack”  of T.I., Kayne, Lil Wayne, and Jay-Z.  It was a pretty effing sweet version of Swagga Like Us they did.  It was quite a show.  

It seems like every year I forget how sweet the performances are on the Grammys, then am so pleasantly surprised at what happens on stage.  There are SOOOO many performances, pretty much anything any mainstream music listener in America could appreciate.  So if you get a chance, google those two performances.  Other ones I liked were Coldplay and Radiohead.  

I’m off to bowl for the evening.  I’m fussed because the bowling is taking place at Sun Mountain and there lanes are awful.  I can’t explain it, but I can’t bowl anything higher than a 50 there I swear.  At the other REAL bowling alley here, I will bowl over a hundred easily every time.  We’ll see how the evening progresses.  

Tomorrow I’ll be heading up to Portland to pick up my visiting friend.  Should be a rauckus week.  Stay stuned…….

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