Sports mania

Yeah, I just got on my computer for the first time today right now (well except about 2 minutes this morning) and it’s 7:15 PM.  That’s unheard of in these days of unemployment.  Well, we all had a long day here……slept in pretty late after a late night of debouchary.  There was an epic Trivial Pursuit game with the worst ending question ever (answer: Samwise Gamgee, ugh) coupled with Red Chair IPA.  Then from there we stumbled over to a local drinking establishment for some karaoke.  I did a lot of singing.  I could tell because my throat was very very sore this morning.  Any who, today Tera and I sat on the couch, completely enthralled by the Australian Open final between Federer and Nadal.  It was an epic match.  In the end, it was won by Nadal (I was cheering for Federer).  The end was super sad and made me almost shed some tears.  Mr. Federer was crying his eyes out at the trophy ceremony and just wanted to give him a big hug.  Poor guy.  

Now we’re on to the Super Bowl.  The Puppy Bowl is being tivoed and WILL be watched tomorrow.  I love the Puppy Bowl and plan on watching it several times in the next year.  The kitty halftime show is just way too adorable for me.  

Well, I am trying to set up my tv in my room so I can watch some dvds and not have to watch them awkwardly on my computer.  My tv had just been sitting on my bedroom floor since December.   I may as well put it to use I guess.  Ok ttyl friends!

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