The Future of Architecture

“The land is the simplest form of architecture.
Building upon the land is as natural to man as to other animals, birds or insects.  Insofar as he was more than an animal his buildings became what we call architecture.
 In ancient times his limitations served to keep his buildings architecture.  Splendid examples:  Mayan, Egyptian, Greek, Byzantine, Persian, Gothic, Indian, Chinese, Japanese.
Looking back at these what, then, is architecture?
It is man and more.
It is man in possession of his earth.  It is the only true record of him where his possession of Earth is concerned.  
While he was true to earth his architecture was creative.   
The time comes when he is no longer inspired by the nature of earth.  His pagan philosophy is breaking down, owing to changing social conditions, to new science, new facilities, easy riches.  The social world begins to turn upside down.  Science takes the place of art.  Things serve man better than thought. ”


Just a little excerpt from Frank Lloyd Wright’s book The Future of Architecture, a book I’ve begun to read tonight.  I believe I read a chunk of this book in my freshman Intro to Design class, but I have been interested in reading the whole thing since then (along with a lot of other partially read books from college).  I am not a huge fan of his buildings, but I like Wright’sMr. Wright philosophy and thought process behind his designs.  Some thoughtful words by FLW up above, don’t you think?  Even if you aren’t that familiar with architecture, you can’t help but understand the truth the man was speaking.  The best thing about this is he wrote this in 1937, just at the beginning of the Modernist movement in architecture.  Quite the foresight in my opinion.  If Mr. Wright could see the crap being built today…….oh boy. 

I’m going to get back to reading.  I’ve been in a good reading mood this afternoon.  Better carry on with it……

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