the procrastination game

This was very tidy last nightThere’s piles of clothes scattered across my room.  I think about one article of clothing and figure out what I need, then become  unsure and start on another department.  There is no means of continuity between any of them.  The weather in FLA is all over the place.  Part of me says, “it’s Florida!  Shorts and t-shirts, baby!”  And the other side says, “you’ve got events to attend!  It’s going to be cold too!  Bundle up!”  In the end, I imagine I’ll drag half of my wardrobe down to Florida only to buy everything I end up wearing there.  

I have even managed to change my ensemble about 3 times for no apparent reason.  It may change again.  This is a projection of my current mental condition (read: not excited to be in airports and airplanesThe glare tomorrow, being thrust into extreme long distance travel unexpectedly, generally crazy).  Ugh.  And Dilly.  Well, Dilly has no idea what I’m up to.  Poor cat.  I keep walking in and out of my room, which makes her jump from the top of my bed to underneath my bed.  She just wants to sleep and I am not accommodating her.  The glare is overwhelming from her.  

On the bright side, I am going to see The Reader tonight with Rickey.  Kate Winslet won a Golden Globe last night for her role in the movie.  She’s one of my favorite actresses so I am quite elated I get to see her do her craft tonight.  Now if we can only get Revolutionary Road play here in Bend.  Well, I guess I should get back to my pacing between my room and my computer and my attempt at packing…………..  Cheers

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One thought on “the procrastination game

  1. john

    Pull it together Col – whatever you forget to bring they probably have in Florida. See you there tomorrow – Cousin John

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