Trekking to Florida

NanaWell, I am sad to report that my grandmother did not make it through the weekend.  It is a solemn occasion for everyone in my family, but at the same time we will be happy to celebrate her life this week down in Florida.  She was an extremely wonderful person to be around and gave much to her family.  Having grown up a few years younger than my siblings, I think I missed out on having her around as much as I did. Our annual trips to Florida at Christmas time were always special though and something I will always cherish.  She, along with my grandpa, was very good at making sure we all had a wonderful time while we were there.  Nana would be so pleased to see everyone together this week sharing memories and making new ones.  I’ll be very  happy to spend some quality time with the fam and have a toast in Nana’s honor.  

It seems like some not so pleasant things have been popping up around me in the last few weeks.  I plan on using those happenings to reenforce the urgency of doing what’s right and what’s important to me.  In doing so, I hope to make this world a bit better and a bit brighter.  Life is short and not always hospitable.   You’ve got to enjoy the good times and make the best of the bad.

And on an administration note, I haven’t yet decided whether I’ll be lugging the old computer down to FLA.  Something tells me I won’t, although it would be nice to share some pictures with people.  So I may be MIA until Sunday, but I’ll think fondly of you all.  Perhaps a post will appear tomorrow and Tuesday before I leave…..stay tuned and God bless.

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