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If you didn’t have enough places to travel after my other recent travel post, then here is a new list for you compliements of the NY Times.  They’ve listed out 44 of their must visit travel destinations of 2009.  Of course visiting all of these places this year would be outstanding, but the ones most appealing to me are Berlin (#4), Dakar Senegal (#10), Marrakesh (#13), and Seychelles (#23).  3 out of the 4 are in Africa (is Seychelles Africa?  Close enough.) surprisingly enough.  Looks like I need to be booking a ticket to Dark Continent (is that pc?).  


Hope you've got your serious drinking pants on.

Hope you've got your serious drinking pants on.

My day has been lazy enough.  Really not unlike the other 15 days before today.  This week may prove to be interesting.   The O’Sullivan clan may be gathering in Florida for my Grandma (Nana) who has taken a turn for the worst in the last few days.   We’re all on standby right now, just waiting and praying.   I think there may be some drinking involved in honor of Nana.  She is a big fan of anything in a highball glass.   After some research (me texting my brothers) I found Nana’s favorite drink to be Jim Beam, lemon juice and carbonated water.  Looks like it could be a fun night with Jim Beam involved, although the ginger ale or lemon juice sounds good.  
Ok have a great night everyone.  Oh, I ripped that picture from, a wonderful blog on alcohol.   Cheers.

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