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I just got back from the beginning discs of the Seinfeld marathon being held at Rickey’s house.  Me not being the biggest Seinfeld fan in the world was becoming uneasy after a few episodes.  I have a hard time these days to sit and watch endless hours of the same show (except Real Housewives) before I get completely stir crazy.  The Seinfeld marathon will be going on the whole weekend, so if I get up the nerve to watch more, I’ll be sure to roll on over there and watch.  Not much else to report here.  We had major firewood debacles today and we ended up with only 5 little pieces of wood.  It was a sad story after all the scenarios we ran through.  We ended the day with many prospects for wood for next week, but none for this weekend.  Oh and the wood was for the brew boys house, not mine (we have the nice gas stove).  

Yeah, so I think I’m going to get crackin’ on Guns, Germs, and Steel.  Call me on my shellphone.  Peace

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