Netflix instant queue

I’m just going to put it out there that the merger of TiVo and Netflix is the single greatest merger in the history of the world.  Our TV lives have gone out of control now that we can watch so many movies instantly on our TiVo with Netflix.  It’s quite ridiculous, but so great!   All we do is log on to Netflix, see if the movie we want to watch is available on  instant queue and add it.  Then a half a second later, we’re on the couch watching it for free (well, not free, but with out paying for anything we weren’t already paying for).  Today our film of choice was Across the Universe, a TACO shack favorite.  Rickey had not yet seen it, so I thought it would be good for him to watch it.  I logged on and there we were a minute later watching it on our TV.  It’s pretty amazing.  It makes you really appreciate the incredible technology that has infiltrated our daily lives.  I often take it for granted and have to be reminded 10 years ago none of this stuff was around.  I love it!  Any who, I must get back to our instant queue and see what else I can watch during my long unemployment hours……..

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