Welcome to Lazy Saturday

My day has been filled with playing Tanks (yeah, we made it to the final misson), listening to BBC Radio 1 2008 Chart Show and sending out way to many someecards.  If you have yet to wander upon someecards, you should go there right now and start sending cards.  They are funny, irreverant,sarcastic and pro-facebook.  Actually that sounds a lot like a description of myself as well.  Good job someecards.  

These bears have it right.Now I’m sipping on a Hibernation Ale and pretty much deciding what the rest of the day will have in store for me.  I imagine I should eat something besides the bowl of oatmeal I had this morning.  This evening may include some cosmic bowling at Lava Lanes with Rickey and friends.  I don’t have any hard numbers yet on the participants, but it could reach upwards of 10.  Is everyone out there in Internetland having a good day?  I know I haven’t done much, but it’s been fun just hanging out with Tera all day doing stupid stuff.  She got a new imac yesterday so we’ve been messing about with it, transfering pictures, music and good memories to it.  Well she has.  I’ve been watching.  Oh we also dressed up Bella up in a sports bra and shorts.  She loved it.

Well, that’s my report.  If anything mind blowing happens (ie TACO beating tanks) I’ll update you.  Cheers kids!

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