Good day 2009

Well here she is.  Welcome to the new still to be completed blog.   It was far time to quit that geocities nonsense as it was completely blog unfriendly.  It had one horn and no whistles and I felt as if it were impeding the furthering of my rambling skills.  But here at wordpress, the grass is greener and my ability to post various types of content is extremely easy.  So update your book

The oldest artifact of ye olde website

The oldest artifact of ye olde website

 marks.  I will be posting on here from now on.   And soon, I’ll completely take apart the geocities website and pack it away in a box to be stored on some closet shelf.  That address gave me 12 + years of use and I shall not forget it.  And to bring it full circle, I’ve delved into the archives and found one of the first gifs to be uploaded to my website.  It’s dated September 20th 1996.  I remember being 14 and starting my website.  It involved me learning HTML and muddling my way through coding.  I wish there were pictures of those first pages, because they were a hot mess.  GIFs everywhere, completely random comments.  What did anyone find worth looking at on those pages?  Actually, what does any one find worthwhile on this website?  Hmmm.  Points to ponder.  So yeah, please excuse me while I figure my way around this new set up.  I now have two blogs up and running.  This year will be filled with discovery and, I hope, improvement as well.  Alright, I’ve got to get back to the television.  There was a Cosby Show marathon on TV Land which was to be followed by a Three’s Company marathon.  Never mind that it’s 1:20 AM.  Jack Tripper trumps sleep.

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