On the eve of our Savior’s Birth

My usual Christmas Eve activity is heading off to Midnight Mass. I’m sorry to report, folks, (and Jesus) it looks like I’ll be piling snow into piles at midnight. I was called out for a bit of work this morning and was told when I got back there was a game plan for plowing tonight and tomorrow. You can imagine my enthusiasm. As soon as I left work at 7:15, the snow flakes started to fly and haven’t stopped since. There are about 3 inches as we speak (the little divot on the fence is how much has fallen today) and will probably be another inch or inch and a half by the time we go out. Joy.

So I have not made any plans for tomorrow because I’m planning on working well into the morning and having to go out again at night. We were going to have a mexican Christmas but I don’t see Tera celebrating by herself. Instead, I made a huge pot of chicken noodle soup this afternoon, so I don’t have to worry about making food for the next couple days.

Any ways, I’m signing off. I’ve got to start celebrating the holiday while I have time. I wish you all a beautiful Christmas eve and day with your family and friends. God bless.

Oh and if any of you are going to church, please put in an extra prayer for my friend and professor Stephan Hopp who passed away this weekend after a tough battle weekend with cancer. We all miss you. Bis dann…….

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