Christmas Eve Eve

43 hours until Christmas. The best gift I can think of to get this Christmas is two nights in a row of uninterrupted sleep. Actually, at this point I’d take just one night. I’m in full plow mode at this point, my third night in a row of getting a middle of the night call. You first got through the stage when you’re really tired and want to be a sleepy bear. Then you move into the tired where you are awake but feel like a cracked out zombie. Now I’m the tired where it only exists deep down in you, like you’re a mere shadow of your former self. The shadow stage is much more sustainable long term than either the Sleepy Bear or Zombie. This is more than likely some sort of primordial response to keep humans functioning. I’ll look more into sleep deprivation on the internets and get back to you.
Monday morning left us with about an inch of new snow on the ground and the forecasts were calling for several more inches by Tuesday morning. All of that snow must have gotten stuck in the mountains because we really never saw another flake past 3 pm. I thought for sure I was in the clear. And it wasn’t helpful that Rickey was egging the full night of sleep thought on in my head. I got the call at 2 something and only needed to do some extra clean up at one account. I would have rather had to do more because it was almost not worth rousing me from my slumber.

So I will try to get some sleep now. My brain function is failing miserably as I have been forgetting to do things, not remembering words and generally being a mess. Piccadilly is staring at me from the hallway probably quite confused about my sudden late night departures. I shall try to do my best to explain it to her from under my covers. Cheers.

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