More of that white stuff

Yeah, it’s almost 1 AM here on Sunday and I am patiently waiting to be called in for snow. Tonight was our Christmas work party. It was a good time. Eric was my date and I think he was MIGHTILY impressed with the Team Springtime staff. Honestly, I’m not surprised. We are a pretty great group. And pretty good at consuming alcohol. But some of us had to take it easy seeing as we will be called out pretty soon to do some work. If I’m not called out I would be entirely shocked. I do only have 1 REAL account to do. The other one is covered by about 948729 other people and I have yet to do it this year. So we’ll see. I will probably find out in the next hour or two.

Yeah so the Christmas party was good. Anytime I get free drink and dinner I’m more than happy. That’s $20 that I didn’t have to spend on it. After that we hit up the BDT house holiday party. We danced a bit and had some good fresh hop beer. Then I trudged through the snow home to wait for my call. This picture is from downtown Bend at the moment, but it hardly does anything justice. It has probably snowed 3 inches since the party started at 6:30. Not too shabby. The snow is supposed to keep up here for the next 10 days. You know the earth is going crazy when Seattle has a Blizzard warning. That’s really unbelievable. I hope those non-snow people can figure out a blizzard. It’s probably best this storm is hitting on a weekend. Alright, I guess I’ll go get my hour of sleep. Maybe longer. I’ll definitely be out tomorrow night plowing all of my accounts. Sleep will be at a premium for the rest of the year. Yey. TTYL.

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