Back in bidness

Well I have some very positive news to report. My computer, which I thought was deadsies, is not so much dead. It is very much alive! After a visit to the local computer doctor and the purchase of OS Leopard, lappy is up and running once again. This brings me much joy and will make the winter much more tolerable. It was extremely sad to be without a computer for the last month and a half and I’m not sure how people go without a computer in their possession nowadays. It has been painful. But now the pain has subsided and there is only pleasure to be felt. Yippee!

As I sit here looking out my window, I see a few flakes fall from the grey sky and realize I’ve got about 36 hours before I will more than likely have to start plowing (3-5 inches are expected tomorrow). And then think that I’ve got 40 Christmas cards to write and send out in the next 4 days. And then further think “why am I wasting my time writing this nonsense on my website when I should be cranking out a Christmas newsletter?” So that’s where I am. If anyone wants to take the time to re-install my life on my computer I’d really appreciate it. In the mean time I should probably get going on something productive. Have a good day everyone!

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