One more stop

The Colleen train will be making it’s final stop in Chicago this afternoon and then will be heading back to Bend in the morning.  I am so happy I got to see ever human being I ever knew in Dyer and beyond.  It’s been a long 3 weeks that’s for sure.  It’s actually felt like 3 months, so excuse me for being elated for this trip to be coming to a close.  I have done more than I thought I would do.  Here’s some highlights:

– I saw money being made

– I got to climb inside a Navy plane

– I drank lots of Magic Hat

– Karaoke to the extreme

– Saw Christmas windows being revealed

– Slept in each of my sibling’s houses/apts

– Rode on trains for almost 30 hours

– Took the subway system in 3 different cities

– Read 3 books

– Saw celebrities

– Laughed a lot

– Had some really good conversations

– Ate a lot of free meals

– Way too much more to name

So that’s my story.  And I’m sure tonight even more memories will be made with the Webb’s.  So yeah.  I can’t wait to get back to Bend and have a relaxing vacation at home.  Staycation here I come!

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