Happy World AIDS Day

If you get a chance, go buy a handmade Starbucks drink and make Starbucks give $.05 to Project (RED).  In my opinion, I think it’s a little weak to just be giving a nickel to (RED), but who am I to judge.  At least it’s something.  If I were them I’d at least give a $.25. Those handmade drinks at Sbucks (like the Peppermint Mocha Twist) are like $4.00.  You can’t tell me there profit margin isn’t like $2.00 on those.  Think of the difference THAT would make.  Oh and the nickel a drink thing goes on until January 2nd.  So you have a month to get one. 

Yeah, so it’s World AIDS Day, a pretty important day in the world to raise Aids awareness.  Acually, it’s more than that though.  The NGOs that work together for World AIDS Day are not only focused on AIDS, but other issues which usually go hand in hand with poverty like malnutrition, clean water, education and diseases like malaria.  I always think a lot about how the rest of the world is living today.  And it’s unbelieveable to when you step back and look at how blessed we here in the States are.  So many people get caught up in these ridiculous details and fail to realize how amazingly easy our lives are.  But with this ease of living, it is our great responsibility to help those who haven’t the ways or means to further themselves.  To me this means not squandering the huge opportunities we have at our fingertips and to rememer to give back in whatever way you can to this human community, both local and global. 

Today I sit at my friend Kelly’s townhouse, awaiting a ride to Northwest Indiana from Scott H.  It’s snowing and I am keeping busy by watching Pimp My Ride and drinking some not very good tea (crap tea and crap milk), but at least it’s tea.  It is pretty nice to have some down time as I feel like I’ve been on the go for the last week and a half non stop.  The last two days have been hectic with the 18 hour or so train ride from NYC to Chicago.  My train ride consisted of about 10 minutes of writing and 17 hrs and 50 minutes of sleep/attempted sleep.  Friday night in NYC got a wee bit raukus with brother Rob.  We were up until 4:30 in the morning drinking and talking.  It was a blast but I paid for it all day on Saturday. 

This week I should be more low key as I’m headed down to Indianapolis, but mostly staying in Dyer and Chicago.  There are no definite plans as of yet.  I’ll figure it out as I go.  I’m anxious to get back to Bend to hang out with the roommates, Rickey and other sorted folk.  These Midwesterners and East coasters are just not the same as Benders. 

I’m going to sign off now.  Have a good day, y’all!

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