Gonna try hard

This next year, if I tried really hard I could make it to the UK by next November. It would require me to severely whore myself out (not actually whore, but you know) to make enough money to qualify for a work visa. It’s the only thing really holding me back I see. Any suggestions on how I can up my earnings? Any amazing paying part time jobs? Would it be worth it? Do you think I would be bonus points if I worked pulling pints at a pub? That way I could get a job in the UK bar tending as well as doing whatever else I wanted to do. Hmmm. Such an interesting thought. Or perhaps it’d be better to wait another year, work some more and then try for it? Who has suggestions? I only have to make another 12-15K a year. I think it’s perfectly doable really.

Yeah, I’m tired. We’ve been staying up way too late the last few nights. I need to get some sleep so I can be semi conscious tomorrow at work. In 49 hours, my feet will be on the ground in PHX. 90 degrees and sunny. A perfect end to October. Alright, off to bed. Time to dream of London Town.

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