As I write this at 8:39 PM on a Friday, I will admit that my thoughts lie elsewhere but in this writing. They are more focused on going to bed fairly soon. Yes, I know it’s Friday night and I should be whooping it up, but I believe last night was enough whooping for 2 nights. Now Colleen needs her beauty sleep.

Today was an extremely long day of wage earning. My clock out time was 6:15, a couple hours past what it should have been. Especially considering there is “no justifiable” reasons for OT this time of year. October billing processes are kind of awkward and difficult to explain to an outsider. But it should be known I’m performing miracles of getting work done considering that I will be missing a few days of work during the month. It’s a scheduling nightmare in my head right now. You don’t want to be apart of it. Most of the difficult scheduling stuff is over now that I’ve finished the 2nd week of the month, but this next week will probably be tricky. I know, this is boring you.

Piccadilly just came up to me and meowed. I think that’s her subtle hint that we need to take this party to my bed. Alright kids, I will be back here soon! I will put some pictures up. Toodles.

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