Middle of October

Good fun. I love the middle of October. I am pretty positive it’s my favorite month of the year. You’ve got leaves changing colors, work winding down, plenty of college football and lots of good fall and winter beer to keep you occupied. So it goes without saying that I am enjoying my month of October. And other people are getting laid off and working on their ability to stay up late. That must be nice. It’s something I am not yet experiencing.

Any who. Good news. I booked some flights today for a little trip to the East Coast and a littler trip to Chicago. I hope to be able to see as many loved ones as possible during my trip. If you need more details about the trip because I have not yet contacted you, please shoot me an email. Plans involve DC, VA, NY, IN and IL. If you’re not on that list, notify me and I’ll see what I can do to accommodate you in my awkward trip.

This weekend is looking to be the best weekend ever. We’ve got folf, corn maze, pumpkin patch, pumpkin carving, beer, dancing, poker, more beer, and probably some outlet shopping. I’m very sorry Rickey will not be attending, but there will be a nice crowd from Dport showing up for these events. I hope it to be a nice relaxing but fun filled weekend here. Next weekend I’m off to PHX so it’ll be busy. I will be shoving as many Julio’s tacos down my throat as possible while in AZ. Alright I need some shut eye! Peace out friends.

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