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Gosh, it feels like it should be 9 pm, but in actuality it’s only a mere 7:30. I got done with work super early today so I am running ahead of schedule with my nightly ritual. The biggest accomplishment was cleaning the bathroom pretty intensely. It needed it and on top of that I’ve got a visitor arriving at the end of the week so I didn’t want to be embarrass myself. So that’s already. Cleaning is quite an adventure leading up to people coming to visit. Tomorrow I hope to finish up my room and maybe do a few things in the living room. Besides that, I think we’re ready to host.

This weekend is Bend Film Fest. I cannot wait for it this year! We’ve been pouring over the guide marking all the films we want to see. Between 4 of us I think we marked about all of the films in the guide. Someone’s got to give. It will probably be me as I don’t care what I see as long as I’m watching a movie. With Ali in town, I’ll try to limit us to 2 films a day so as not to overwhelm. If I were here on my own, I’d be seeing about 8 or 9. This year is the first time I’ve taken Friday off to watch movies.

Speaking of films, I think I’m going to set up shop in my bedroom and start watching A Map for Saturday, which Matt so graciously sent to me over the internet. Ta ta friends.

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