Travel details

My winter travel schedule is really coming into fruition now after this weekend. I watched this OPB show Historic Pubs of Dublin and pretty much made me want to jump through the TV and grab the host’s Guinness and guzzle it down. So my motivation to get to Ireland this winter was renewed. I’m thinking it’ll be a similar trip to the lovely UK trip I took 2 years ago. We’ll be spending the first week or so in Dublin and then heading out into the countryside for the rest of the time. I hope Ms. Anderson will be joining me as well. Tenatively the trip shall begin shortly after Christmas and last into the first couple weeks of January. Sounds alright, eh?

But before I get ahead of myself on that trip, we have an American cross country tour to complete. I’m thinking a flight across the country and a nice tour up and down the East coast, then to Chicagra for Thanksgiving and then back to Bend before going to IRE. We’ll see. Those details have yet to be worked out as well. But I’m feeling good about traveling. My legs are itching for some walking. For a new style of walking that I haven’t yet done. Less escaping from the US and more exploring to enjoy life. So that’s it. You’ll be hearing about this crap for the next few months. Just let me know when you get tired of it.
I’m out!

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