Back to the homestead

I’ve returned from a nice weekend in Portland. I completed my test Friday…..I hope fairly successfully. My only major trouble spot was the plant list, which consisted mostly with the few plants I was shakey on. Really perfect. So I don’t want to think about it. I’m not looking up the ones I missed because it’s just going to make me angry. So I’ll wait and hear the results. Then sign up for the test in Warshington. At least I’m done with it and I feel pretty good about myself and my competence in the landscaping field. Not that I ever really had a doubt……

Any who, the other part of the weekend was cool. The Brewers fest was a hit. Tons of people out enjoying the brews. I had a few, but cut the night of fun short as I had been up since 5 for the test and was completely wiped. Highlights were the Cascade Brewery, Goose Island and Urban Works for me.

The rest of weekend I bummed around Portland for a bit and then I went up to Jill’s cabin. It was way sweet and I’m glad she finally invited me to hang out there. I’d definitely hit it up again with her. It’s just to the West of Mount Hood out in the middle of the forest. It was a great house and was right by a super nice little stream as well.

Now I’m back in Bend, very much looking forward to a week where I don’t feel pressured to do any studying! It should be a nice week. I’m going to try and run for 2 hours tomorrow so I should go get some rest. I’ll attempt to get some pictures up here this week. Have a good week everyone.

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