I’m getting in another post this week, although this one will be short as well. My sad face up above is because I have a raging headache and am finding it difficult to want to study with my head pounding. Instead, I will engorge myself with Cooking Mama, attempt to learn a few more plants and then head to bed. T minus 2 hours to go…….

I’m going to be so happy to be done with this CLT test stuff on Friday afternoon. The next few weekends should be a blast and I’m very much looking forward to them all. Starting with this one. Any time I get to sample 90 something beers sounds like a good time to me. Well I won’t try all of them. Just a few. My interest lie in trying some of the smaller Portland breweries. I will probably be tooling around with some brewer friends so I’ll just see what they go for and follow accordingly (unless it’s Lagunitas IPA).
Well, the creepy cooking mama is calling my name so I best adhere to what she says. Hope you all have a fun weekend. Cheers

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