Entry for July 14, 2008 aka Matt’s Birthday

Happy Birthday to Matthew today. We spoke earlier on the phone and he asked to get a shout out on my blog post for today. Consider it done, Matthew. Hope 25 is a good year for you. And I hope you find the above picture as embarrassing for you as it is me.

Any who, here I am up at 10:18 PM drinking a cup of Tips. Why? Well because Ms. Anderson was unable to procure a ride home from the airport tonight at 11:30. So who does it? Me. It’s ok as I’ll be deducting $75 from my rent next month for my services (not including tax and fuel surcharge). Consider this your invoice, Tera. So I have another 50 minutes to burn until I leave. I was going to sort through my bills and put them in the proper folders, but I don’t think I’ll have enough time now. Maybe I can get through some of it. I haven’t sorted since March, so I am overdue.

Pictures! Yes pictures have been posted. They are presented slightly different from how they were in the past. Apple has changed their whole online deal for mac customers. Now it’s easier and prettier to publish things to the web, which I am very pleased with. It pretty much solves all of my issues I was going to have during the around the world trip regarding picture posting. Sweet. So here’s the link to Helen’s Baptism. There’s a bunch of different ways you can look at the pictures. All of them are also available for download in full size. Oh, and there’s videos on there too, but I’m not sure if they open. They should. Enjoy.

Alright, I still have some other duties to attend to here before I send off. Cheers kids!

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One thought on “Entry for July 14, 2008 aka Matt’s Birthday

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    Shout Out!

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