For serious, I think my computer is keeping me from posting pictures on the internet ever again. Errors through .mac. Errors on facebook. Pretty soon my online identity will disappear. So yes kids. I DID actually try to post some pictures on here but apparently I can’t as you can see by the above error message.

So any who. I’ve had an extremely lively evening. The highlight included taking in our bottle collection which hasn’t been turned in since March. The only reason I know it was March was because of the Magic Hat bottles at the very bottom of the container. Those only could have been consumed not too long after my venture to the East coast. Perhaps we should look into returning our bottles more frequently than every 4 months. There still remains one bin filled to the brim. It needs to be taken to a different store. I just realized that non-Oregonians don’t know what I’m talking about. So there’s a $.05 deposit on some beverage containers. You can turn them in for recycling at any of the grocery stores. The only catch is the grocery stores only take the bottles which they sell. So sometimes when we have fancy pants beer, the bottles can’t be returned at Safeway. We have to go to Ray’s or back to Newport where we bought them. It’s all very silly. I did score $7.90 today with at least another $1.50 on the way. Do that math on that……….

Well, not much else to say. Piccadilly is giving me the “you better come to bed soon” look. I guess I’ll go read and let her step all over me. Cheers friends. Perhaps this weekend the internet will be more willing for picture posting.

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