Pictures for you

I’ll be posting some pictures tomorrow from this past weekend’s festivities. The night got away from me tonight. Lots of commotion. Learning plant stuff, CLT stuff and the likes. Oh and yelling at Piccadilly to stop meowing. She’s good at that. That picture above is how I view Dilly about 50% of the time. Glaring at me from around the corner. Such a friendly cat.

I can’t really think of anything that enthralling to tell you all. But there is this great little bit from my plane trip (yes another plane story). There was a wife and husband couple sitting next to me on the plane. They were both sitting in the aisle seats. They were an all too jovial, overweight old couple. At one point the woman got up from her seat to use the bathroom and told her husband “Keep an eye on my purse while I’m gone.” Honestly, where is her purse going to go? Is it going to move rows on it’s own? Because if she honestly thought someone was going to knick her purse on a plane and get away with it, she should probably come back down from Cloud 9. Any who. that’s my story. And now it’s my bedtime. Time to work on one of these books I have sitting on my nightstand.

Cheers kids!

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