Off to the homeland.

I’m going to take the chance that my mother is not going to check my website in the next 12 hours to see that I am coming to Indiana for my neice’s baptism. Knowing that she’s already in bed and that she will be getting up in 7 hour or so to leave for Nashville, my bet is on her not seeing this. Any who, I’m at PDX!!! And for those of you who aren’t hip enough what PDX is, I’m at the Portland Airport!! PDX just moved up way in my list of favorite airports as they have free wi-fi. Most airports charge you and that’s just plain mean. So I’m going to use it for all it’s worth. My next goal is to find an outlet. And that goal has just been accomplished! There’s one right next to me! Sweetness. I’m set for the next 2 hours.

I just drove to P-town from Bend. Originally the plan was to spend a little bit of time downtown. Maybe have a beer and some food. Perhaps even browse Powell’s. But I went down there and it was a madhouse and I figured I’d never find parking. Or by the time I found parking, I’d have to leave for the airport. Luckily this worked out pretty well for me.

So off to Indiana. Yey. For those of you who are keeping score at home, this is the first time I’ve been home since February of 07. Quite a time away from home. On my way up here I was thinking how I’ve really become an Oregonian since then. Less of a Hoosier. Kind of strange. I’m wondering how it’ll be. Probably more of the same old same old, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’m excited to see something familiar, especially the family. The family! I’m so proud of everyone for keeping their mouths shut to my Mother about my attendance. I spoke to Mother earlier tonight and it sounded as though she didn’t have a clue. If she did know, she’s pretty good at keeping calm about it all. Any who, besides my Mary being there, all of the O’Sullivan gang will be in attendance. It’s the first time since Quinn’s wedding that all of us will be in one place again. And actually in the same place we saw each other before, down in Nashville. And the children! Oh I bet how the children have grown since last I saw them. Great times will be had.

I’m thinking about finding something to drink here very soon. It was about 90 today at work and so I need to continue my hydrating. I slammed a full nalgene on the way to Portland, but apparently that was not enough.

I brought my cord to upload my pictures to my computer, so if I feel really inspired this weekend, I’ll upload some pictures. But knowing me and my promises like that, nothing will actually happen.

Alrighty kids everyone have a wonderful freedom filled 4th of July. Freedom is not free. Cheers.


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