Pictures and then some

For those of you who have been waiting for my to post pictures for the last two months, your wait is over. I have successfully posted 3 non sense photo albums of pictures taken in the last 2 months. They are a bit choppy. But you should be able to get the general idea. I’ll be posting the links right after this announcement goes up in the photos section. The above link will get you to the first page of the pictures.

Sad news about yesterday. I somehow managed not to do any writing. To make up for it, this is the 2nd writing I’ve done today and I’m posting the pictures. I was planning on writing when I went to bed but I totally spaced it. Dang it. Oh well. I think somehow I will live and life will continue to roll on for everyone.

I got up early this morning to see the hot air balloons up in the sky. This weekend is Balloons over Bend. It was pretty rad. There are a few pictures from it in the last photo album. It’s a really nice day and I look forward to spending some time either out on the back deck or the front porch studying for the CLT and enjoying the weather. My other plans for the day were cancelled, so here I am. Oh and did anyone watch the French Open today? Since I was up on the butte watching balloons I missed the finals. I turned it on about 4 minutes after Nadal got done stomping on Federer. It didn’t look like from the score it was much of a match. I look forward to watching some Wimbledon starting in a few weeks. Federer better redeem himself on the grass. Ok kids. I hope the weather is nice where all of you are and you’re able to get out and do something fun. I hear central Indiana is a bit flooded. Maybe you guys can get a boat and float around in the flood waters? Have a great day.

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