Just another wacky day of fun

Phew! Just got this one in on time. I’ve been going since 6 AM so please excuse my late posting. Long day of work and then straight to mingle with some co-workers at a drinking establishment. Then straight downtown to participate in a pillow fight. If you’re not familiar with Bend traditions I’ll give you some back ground. So the first Friday of every month is Art Walk where all the art galleries open up their doors late for an evening of show and free booze. Basically everyone just walks around and drinks free wine and gets tipsy/buzzed/wasted face. So there’s lots of people out, dressed nicely (because that’s what people in galleries do). And we crazy young kids decided to go out in the middle of it all and stage a pillow fight. My friend Robbie had put up some flyers so we got some outside people to join in and we had a blast. The first round (yes we had multiple rounds) went well but soon after that more people showed up with pillows. So we decided to do it again. Very successful. Then this one crazy guy with pillows left right before the 2nd one started so we decided to have one more so he could participate. After three successful rounds, we quit. Vowing to come do it again very soon. Maybe even next art walk. It was a total blast. After words, we hit up the tea house hard. And so I just got home.

In the mailbox today was a special treat! My study materials for the CLT test arrived! Woot. Finally. So now that I have those, I actually have something to focus on and learn. I imagine the next month and a half will be filled with lots of reading and practicing, so try not to bother me too much. In other news, today is the 1 year anniversary of me getting Piccadilly. It’s a pretty special occasion, so I am going to cuddle her face off now. Plus I’m le exhausted. TTYL folks!

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