Train travel

Within the last week I’ve had three occurrences where train travel across the US has come into my life. So I’m going to take them as a sign that I should do a train trip in the US. I think the only trains I’ve taken are from Suburbs to Chicago, NYC to Hartford, CT, and some train in Florida that I vaguely remember from childhood. Of course there have been countless train rides through Europe, but those don’t count towards what I’m talking about. Is there anyone out there interested in some cross country train rides? I know the service isn’t that reliable at the moment and it’s dreadfully slow, but half the fun of traveling is the journey of getting to where ever you are headed. Getting to know the ones your traveling with and sharing life.

I can’t remember if I’ve posted this picture before. I don’t believe I have, but it’s from my train ride from NYC to Hartford earlier this year. I find train travel quite calming and enjoyable. And train stations are usually bits of great architecture in cities (especially the big cities). So if all of you start traveling by train, we can begin a revolution. And maybe one day in the next few years we can get high speed trains, better service schedules and more routes. So next time you’re planning that trip, think trains. And save yourself some serious cash.

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