Just before the buzzer

Phew! Close one here as it is 11:42 PM on Friday and this is my first writing of the day. I was thinking that I haven’t missed a day of writing this month and I’m reasonably sure I didn’t miss any days in April either. I’ll have to look at my calendar to confirm. June will hopefully be the same as well. No days missed. I’m hoping some people out there are enjoying the fact that I’m posting here on the internet and that it’s something entertaining. I don’t get too much feedback on here so it’s hard to judge.
My late writing is due to me going to a small get together this evening at my friend (ex-roommate) Katie’s house involving pan Asian cuisine and plenty of Deschutes Beer. Having ridden my bike, the beer drinking was kept to a dull roar as the road I had to take home is extremely dark and I would prefer not to be taken out by a car. Any who, it was a really nice evening. There were good beers, good food, good company and a killer fire. Smores happened as well.
Really I’m totally tuckered out. With this illness I’ve been fighting the last couple days on top of limited sleep last night I’m struggling to keep my eyes open. This weekend should be very relaxing and low key. Especially after the epic Memorial Day. I think I’m still recovering from that. With gas prices what they are, I’ll be staying in town for a while and sticking to bike transportation (all the cool kids are using it). Ugh. Big yawn. Well, I guess I’ll head off here. Piccadilly is looking particularly cuddle-able right now. I need to take care of that. Have a good weekend folks!

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