Wanting to draw

I am not sure if any of you have seen my attempts at drawing things, but they are usually quite terrible. I like drawing straight lines. That’s my one specialty. Boxes, triangles or the startling combination of those two: the diamond. But sometimes I like circles. Only if they are perfect. And I can’t see a design or detail ahead of time. I keep drawing and it usually ends up looking like a mess. More like a drawing of a 7 year old than a 26 year old. But that may be because 7 years old was the last time I really spent time honing my drawing ability (sans that 4 month graphic communication class I took in college and totally got an A in). And it’s always embarrassing to have to draw. It’s hard for me. I get stressed. I get nervous. Social anxiety kicks into high gear. But I’ve kind of lately been thinking otherwise. I need a good challenge in my life. I saw this quote in my horoscope a couple weeks ago by Alison Covarrubias. She said, “If you don’t feel like you’re going to throw up, you’re not taking enough risks.” I read that quote a few times (I even cut it out) and thought that was an amazing piece of advice. When I was in my design class in college, I always felt like I was going to throw up. Constantly nervous. Inevitably that feeling made me quit my major because I didn’t think I needed to go through that much ache to achieve in life. Maybe I was right or maybe I was completely wrong. I ended up living vicariously through great designers and their works.
Any who, I just watched this movie “Sketches of Frank Gehry” and Mr. Gehry talked a bit about how he was always nervous and scared about his designs and ideas. And his sketches are quite ugly and messy. You look at his career and you think he’s got it all figured out. And then you think that it seems like everyone has it all figured out when in reality very very few do. Even those who are the best in their field are doubting themselves. And maybe that doubt is the best thing really. It keeps the human mind working to create and improve. So here I am thinking that maybe I should give drawing another attempt. I should realize that I need to push my boundaries, want to throw up or I’m never going to get anywhere. Well, at least not anywhere I truly want to be. Pardon me as I get my pen and paper ready…….

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One thought on “Wanting to draw

  1. Anonymous

    I like it. it looks like a picasso!

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