Web domains and indy 500

I can think of no finer way of spending Memorial Day weekend than browsing domains at godaddy.com and watching the Indianapolis 500. Can you? It’s nice to be able to lounge after so many hectic days here over the last couple weeks. It’ll be getting crazy here again as I drive up to Forest Grove for the evening for Jill’s birthday party. However I am not looking forward to spending so much money on gasoline. I’m going to try really hard over the next month not to buy any gas. I’m not sure that’ll be possible, but it’s worth the try. $4 a gallon is really ridiculous. My bike is looking like a better form of transportation everyday.
So any who, I’m searching for my own domain name as I think it is time to move on to bigger and better things on my website. I doubt the move will happen anytime soon, but perhaps by the end of the year. I’m finally starting to find names that I like and are also available for purchase.

The Indy 500, I can’t remember ever seeing as many accidents as I have today. I turned the race on at lap 45 and there’s been about 6 or more cars taken out. I wonder if there will even be any cars that finish the race at this point. They’ve got 44 more laps at this point and another crash just happened.

Ok, I should probably go ready myself for the 4 hour drive to beautiful Forest Grove. If anyone sees Piccadilly, tell her she needs to come inside because it’s yucky out and I worry about her. Cheers all.

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