Snowmen in the sun

A late Sunday night greetings to all out there in Internetland. Another successful weekend is coming to a close here in Bend as I eat my late night dinner of champions (a pasta dish). Our trip to Black Butte was really fun yesterday. The heat was bad as we climbed up. I struggled up the 2 mile trail (my stomach didn’t feel good) but when we got to the top we were greeted with many many feet of snow. It’s rather strange to be hiking in 90 degree heat in shorts through snow. We passed a few people who were on their way down and they said they didn’t make it all the way to the top because of the snow. Luckily Chris and I were not disillusioned and persevered to the top with no problems. It was actually a really nice treat to be able to play in the snow on such a hot day. We even built the wonderful snowman you see in the picture. Afterwards, we stuffed ourselves in various eateries in Sisters and then headed home, exhausted. I managed to stir up enough energy to attend a bbq with some new friends. We had a wonderful evening and I hope to spend more time with them this summer.

Today I spent most of my day putzing around on the internet, making phone calls and watching the Kite Runner. Not a bad flick. This evening I even managed to study a bit for the CLT exam and become more familiar with the test itself. I’m hoping to receive my study guide for it this week so I can really start studying the hard stuff rather than just the plant list. It should be quite the adventure for the next couple months. I’m sure as soon as July hits I’ll begin really stressing. Until then I’ll be superficially studying and getting advice from those who have already taken the test. Any who, I want to finish up my dinner here, make my lunch for tomorrow and get to bed. I’m sure it’ll be an interesting Monday after an interesting Friday. That’s all I have to say about that. Ok kids, have a great week!

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One thought on “Snowmen in the sun

  1. Anonymous

    um, so i thought you were going to write every single day and i see that your last writing was on the 19th, so where is the writing from yesterday? hmmmmm?
    –Matt F

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