Obama Town Hall meeting

Oh man. I’m still high (a natural one) from the Obama Town Hall Meeting today! It was so cool and surreal to see Barack Obama in person. Before he came in I was just thinking about how odd the idea was that I was seeing him in person in Bend. And then he came out and it was even stranger. We sat up in the bleachers about 50 feet away from him. They were great seats and just wow. He’s so articulate, intelligent and honest. You could sense that he was a great man, but also a man who was incredibly grounded. The questions people asked were really good. One was about nuclear energy, another about student loans, one about appropriate responses to international conflicts and crisis, one for bringing lost jobs back to the US. I think his responses were very good and he gave reasoning behind his answers and how they would have trickle affects on other things. He’s obivously thought a lot about issues for this campaign and is well versed on everything. This week I am going to be volunteering for his campaign and couldn’t be more proud to lend my services to him. This was a great birthday present and has left me wanting to do more with my life. So thanks, Barack. I hope you have a great time on Mother’s Day in Chicago!

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