The Big O

We got news today that Senator Obama is headed to Bend on Saturday. So our big plans for the weekend have changed and we’ll be hanging out here instead I hope seeing Barack speak in person which would be amazing. And apparently Barack has gone ahead and made the nomination his own. Good for him. Put Hillary out of her misery. It’s not worth her investment at this point I don’t believe. She should save her money and do something like donate it to the people of Burma. That would be the best idea.

Any who, in work news, my shins have officially gone into work mode. They are full of bruises, scratches and weird bumps. I must admit they are looking very nice. I’ve been able to ride my bike to work everyday this week and the last few have been very cold. It’s’ been hovering around freezing and I’m biking like an idiot in shorts. I bike by all these people all bundled up while I lose feeling in my legs. It’s good fun. By 8:30 I’m fine. I hope you’re all really excited about reading about my legs.

So tomorrow is my birthday! Woot. I don’t know what we’re doing now that our plans have changed so dramatically. At least we’re saving on gas, that’s the only real cost benefit to this plan. Yeah, no official plans. Alright, I’m starting to fall asleep at the computer right now and I should probably make my lunch for tomorrow. I hope you all have a good weekend. I’ll let you know how 26 goes. Cheers friends.

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