A late night

Don’t know why I’m still up and at it. Tera and I got sucked into some back episodes of Ugly Betty kind of late. So now I’m making dinner at 10:30 PM and writing this blog because I procrastinated on that as well. I’m excited to note that this is my last post of April and I successfully wrote every day of April. I somehow missed a couple days in February and March, much to my dismay. Some of those days were due to extreme travel conditions or family obligations (that trip to NYC really did a number on me). I hope that May is a little less hectic so I am able to write more……no no. Maybe not less hectic. Perhaps I can be more focused….yes that sounds better. And with more focus comes more writing instead of these puny little paragraphs I am sometimes known to write and call good.
I believe I still owe you guys a story. Actually, it’s the story I wrote before the other one I posted about Karaoke. For whatever reason that first one just hasn’t made it up here yet. It’s a bit sappy and over the top, but I thought it’d be a good idea to try that road out. I’m in the process of contemplating a new little ditty as well, but in the mean time……….here’s that writing. Cheers.

Well, I am going to eat my chicken strips from Trader Joe’s and call it a night.

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