Fun in the yard

Tera and I participated in a crap load of yard work fun today! There was raking, mowing, planting, weeding and even some really neat cruiser washing. I kept looking out the window this evening and not recognizing our own yard because it was so clean. Isn’t that weird when that happens? Kind of like when that first snowfall that sticks happens. You no longer recognize the place you look out on everyday. So yes, it was a very successful house day. Piccadilly got in on the fun by spending the afternoon out in the yard. She actually just came in about 15 minutes ago. I think she appreciated the fact that she got to go out, but she always seems happy to back in the house. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be nice again and I imagine we’ll spend the day enjoying the weather. No more yard work to do. Maybe I’ll be inspired enough to continue my notecards for the CLT test. The CLT (Certified Landscape Technician) is a pretty big landscaping deal. It means I am good at my job and will be able to get a decent job in the field anywhere in the US if I wanted to move. I’m taking the test in July and I am going to try really hard to pass it on the first try. No one I know was able to pass it on the first try, but I’ll give it my best. Just have to figure out how to pay for it right now……..

Well, I think I might head off to bed here in a bit. We just finished watching No Country for Old Men and it was not very uplifting. It was good and violent that’s for sure. I’d rather watch Enchanted.

Ok, kids. Have a good weekend.

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