Things I don’t really like

1. I don’t like getting a new property that’s billed at a 4.4 hour clean up when it’s really going to take 12 hours. Or longer. And the guy says “the beds are in pretty good shape.” Maybe he’s talking about his mattresses in the bedrooms of his house, because he certainly wasn’t talking about his flower beds.
2. We’re still in winter here in Central Oregon. There was snow on the ground again this morning, but we went ahead with work anyways. It ended up melting off pretty quickly. It warmed up alright, but the wind was ridiculous. Can it be Spring already? Or are we skipping it completely and going straight to summer?
3. Bella just coughed up something really gross and it went whizzing by my face and landed on the coffee table. I’m not cleaning it up. It looks like a onion peel but who knows with Bella.
4. I need a job where it’s ok to take time off in the summer and go do something cool. It’s not fun being locked into hard core work for 7 months a year and then the other times be guilted because you take a week off.
5. America needs to get over itself.
6. I’m done.

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