In honor of Earth Day…..

We’ve called a snow day thanks to global warming changing our weather patterns here in Bend! Now we get a whole month (maybe more) of extra winter now. It’s exactly what we wanted especially after the winter we had here. No, it really is quite fitting that today be a snow day. I hope that this week is the last of it and we start getting into more April like weather next week…..just in time for May to arrive.
I am kind of happy to have a day to recoop from the weekend. It was a mega jam packed weekend in Portland. I can’t believe all the stuff we did in just 48 hours. Everyone had a good time. Maybe I can get some pictures up this week if I get inspired. My top fun was Powell’s (of course), Japanese Garden, and eating Papa Haydn NY Cheesecake. We stayed in the NW Hostel and it was really really nice. Very friendly. It’s the 2nd US hostel I’ve stayed in this year (and ever) and I thought both of them were pretty good. My perspective of US hostels was always thinking they were a little more sketch and less hospitable, but the Seaside Hostel in Hawaii and NW Hostel have proved me wrong. Further travels will definitely include staying in hostels more often than staying in my car.

So tonight Tera and I are going to see King Corn at Tower Theatre. This is one of the movies I REALLY wanted to see at Bend Film Fest last year, but for whatever reasons, the scheduling didn’t work out for us. I was so happy to see they were planning on showing it again here for Earth Day. On top of that, one of the writer/filmmaker guys is going to be there. Woot!

Well, I may have mentioned this before but then I decided to keep it kind of under wraps, but I don’t know how well I did with that. Any who, you know how I am talking about Everywhere magazine fairly regularly on here. I am pleased to announce that an article/photo essay Matt and I co-wrote on London’s Green Spaces is set to be published in Issue 3 of Everywhere. It’s scheduled to hit news stands in the next few weeks. I’m soooo thrilled to have something published in a national publication. It has been one of my goals to get some of my work published and I think this is only a small step for me to move onto something even bigger. Look for more stuff to be published for the rest of my life…… As soon as I get a copy of it, I’ll let you know and make you all go out and get a copy for yourself. Autographed copies will be available for a small fee.

Alright my friends, I hope all is well with all of you. I’m going to enjoy watching the snow fall from the sky and pile up in my yard. Happy Earth Day, all!!

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