Shevlin Epic

Oh man. My body is very unhappy with me. And it’s all to be blamed on Chris. What I thought would be a nice happy stroll through Shevlin Park turned into a rock scrambling, bouldering, traipsing through manzanitas, walking way far out of the the way after dark epic hike. And now, my feet are aching and my left hip flexor is flared up like crazy. It’s a good feeling. Tomorrow I imagine I’ll be taking it way easy. I might pass out in the middle of this post so please forgive me. It’s been a long day. And might cat is here waiting for me to go to bed, so I may just do that.

The weather today was very nice. I did spend a couple hours relaxing in the sun watching Jill play Ultimate. That was nice. Perhaps I’ll head out there tomorrow to watch some more. But now, I think I’ll concentrate on rehydrating myself after that 7 hr hike. good night.

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