A day in the life…..

Wickedly busy day here…… I had to BIKE to work to drop off paperwork and THEN come home and watch Apocalypse Now. Now I’m in the midst of creating my Valentine’s Box for our Valentine’s Growler Hour. I’m hoping if I do a nice enough job decorating the box, I will get extra Valentine’s.

Winterfest this weekend was a nice time. Tera and I went down there early and saw all there was to see. The rail jam was super fun. It was only skiers pulling off some sweet tricks considering the ridiculous gap they had to jump just to get going (that’s it in the picture). There was a band playing called Hells Bells. They’re a AC/DC all girls cover band. Bend was rocking once they hit the stage that night. Everyone was totally into it. It made the rail jam seem much cooler. Afterwards, we hit up this cool little tea house in town with our brewer friends that I had never before been to. It’s called Townshend’s and I think I’ll be frequenting it when downtown from now on. It’s even open late night. The selection is outstanding and it’s way reasonable. I love Bend.

This week we may have some international house guests. That story is developing. Friday we have our big party and Saturday I’m off to NYC. The week is going to fly by for sure. I’ll be at conferences on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday so my days will actually be quite busy outside of today and tomorrow. So yeah, I’ll be adding some more stuff here this week. Don’t you worry. Peace, love and pineapples friends.

Townshend’ Tea…..in case you wanted to order some: http://www.townshendstea.com/

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