Another day in paradise

Pretty slow news day today, not going to lie. I’ve got to be bored when I spent most of my time today cleaning and organizing various rooms around the house. The most important cleaning I did was in my room, where I can actually get around very easily. A clutter free zone. The big thing I did was take my socks and underwear off the floor of my closet and put them into a container (I don’t own a dresser). This is the first day since moving out to Oregon that my socks and unmentionables did not lie in an untidy mess at the bottom of the closet. It’s quite wonderful. Along with that came putting some other containers in my now clean closet. Piccadilly has tons of room to romp around at night now, with no possibility of running into anything.

The roads here in Bend are a slushy mess. Katherine and I decided to walk to a few different places here on the Westside today. It took about 2 or 3 times as long between figuring out where we can step without getting our feet soak and how not to get splashed by the cars driving by. It was all apart of an exciting day.

Today I learned: You should brush your cat once a day or maybe more if you haven’t brushed it in the 8 months you’ve owned the animal. Maybe twice in that case.


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