Ashes Ashes we all Fall Down

Happy Ash Wednesday my Catholic friends. Happy Hump Day to my non-Catholic friends.
I did something today I don’t THINK I’ve ever done before. I attended an Ash Wednesday mass! Apparently I’ve always been extremely busy before and unable to attend. It was an interesting mass. My favorite part was when the school children were butchering “this little light of mine.” I don’t know what that song had to do with anything, but it wasn’t very good. Yeah, I should cut them some slack but the last note was soooo flat I almost left the service 20 seconds in. Ok maybe I wasn’t going to leave, but I did laugh.
This year I’ll be giving up candy for Jesus. It’s been kind of a problem as of late and this is going to be a great way to kick the habit. I hope it’s good enough for Jesus. I couldn’t think of anything else at the moment that I would like to give up. I shouldn’t say LIKE to give up. Maybe “should” give up.

In other big news today I got my hair cut as you can see by the above picture. I like it. My pony tail was protruding out the bottom of my beanie and it didn’t look very nice. No longer do I have to worry about that. It may have been really embarrassing had anyone seen it. Disastrous really. Now I am unable to even put my hair up. Yippee.

I heard we’re supposed to get 4 to 6 inches of slushy snow tonight. Bleh. It better not. Regardless whether that happens or not, I’ve got a meeting at 7 AM tomorrow. I may head to bed soon as I have been super sleepy lately. And thank God I just wrote that as I forgot my bedding was sitting in the washing machine. It wouldn’t have been very nice to sleep on my mattress cover tonight.

So yup. Not much else here. Just getting amped up for NYC. Should I bring some Deschutes Beer to NYC? Those people may like it. Show them what good beer is all about. Yeah.

Ok time to party. TTYL

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