Growing Up

So we’re throwing a little Growler Hour party next Friday and it’s Valentine’s Day themed. It’ll inevitably be fun and I look forward to it. I was just explaining to the roomie how we’re making Valentine’s Card boxes like the kind you make in Kindergarten. And it hit me that I don’t want to be a grown up. If being a grown up means you can’t make Valentine’s Card boxes any more, I am not interested. It’s way more fun to not have any of those stipulations of adulthood looming over your head. My biggest responsibilities include making sure my cat gets food everyday, paying rent and getting up for work. Not to shabby. So hooray for the continuation of childhood fun.

I know I just returned from a wonderful trip to Hawaii, but I just booked my NEXT trip and I leave in a week and a half! Woot. I’m heading over to NYC and CT for a few days to enjoy the company of some familiar faces (and one not as familiar). My last trip to NYC was in September of 2005. A pretty long time ago. It was my last big trip before moving out to Oregon. I did have a trip planned to go there last year, but I was broke and I was going to go there about 6 days after returning to the UK. I was a little burned out on travel at that point. So today I made sure my promise of visiting the Big Apple was kept intact. I’m very excited to go and drink some East Coast beer especially now since I am such a beer expert. Magic Hat will have a run on beer in the New York City area. As some of you are familiar, Magic Hat, a Burlington Vermont based brewery, is one of my favorite breweries in the land. Another brewery I will be enjoying is Brooklyn Brewery. Very good as well. There will probably be some new favorite breweries I don’t even know about yet. I’m going to stop talking about beer now, since I sound like an alcoholic. Besides drinking libations I’ll be enjoying the architecture, and loveliness of NYC.

So yey! The snow here stopped for the moment. I did work for 7 hours this morning doing clean up work on accounts that hadn’t been plowed from this weekend’s snow fall. I’m REALLY hoping that will be the last plow for a while. I’d really enjoy a break. I do not enjoy having an abnormal sleeping pattern.

Well, I’m going to take off. The picture posted is my new niece Helen Marie. She’s cute and I can’t wait to meet her in a couple weeks! Cheers.

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One thought on “Growing Up

  1. Anonymous

    Kids these days don’t make ValentiMe boxes anymore. They decorate lunch bags.

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