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Suprise adventure.

I am very ecstatic to report that I only consumed 2 beers out last night. Had I emptied in any more in my gullet I would have been in an interesting position when called in for work at midnight. I awoke to the alert sound on my phone going off. Apparently I was pretty tired and didn’t hear my boss call me. But I rolled over, talked and then got up and went out. I had been sleeping for about 40 minutes at that point so I was totally out of it. I managed to stay up without any problems. I worked until 5:30, came home and ate and actually WENT TO SLEEP. Like most of the day. I Ended up getting about 9 hours of sleep which I’m truly shocked about since I can never fall asleep during the day. Perhaps this was different since I didn’t really get any sleep before going out. The body is funny that way.

So yup. All rested up. We’re having some people over tonight for a little party. Nothing too crazy because I am not in the mood very much and neither is Tera. I developed a little bit of an illness this week (I’m going to guess from not eating much and sleeping the bare minimum) so drinking isn’t that great of an idea. I seriously doubt I will be called out tonight so I am very much looking forward to sleeping in tonight! Yes! A whole night of uninterrupted sleep with nothing to wake up for in the morning? God be praised.

So I am working on a new short story. I should have it finished by the time I leave for Hawaii (I can’t remember if I mentioned that yet), and I will hopefully be posting it. The other story is STILL OUT TO MY EDITOR. She’s about to be fired for slow response. Yeah, so gosh. Two stories this month when I never before wrote anything to be submitted before. It’s pretty exciting. This whole forcing myself to write everyday has been great. I hope you kids are enjoying it as well. It’s really improved my mental happiness and has given me something to focus on doing everyday.
Ok, I need to get ready for this party! Time to clean myself and the house! Cheers kids. Have a good weekend.

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I kind of slept for almost 5 hours just now. That’s a first since Saturday night and I feel more tired now than I have at any other point in the last few days. We’re praying not to have to go out tonight. It’s been an incredibly long week of work. Although I’m grateful to be making money, I could have thought of easier ways of going about doing so. The good thing is I am actually very sleepy rather than delusional now, so when I put my head on my pillow tonight I should be able to fall asleep quite easily. There were many tired faces at work at midnight last night. I had no idea how hard on the body this was going to be. Yeah.
So the snow…….this was the most snow I’ve seen fall on Bend since I moved here two years ago. Yesterday was just nuts. It wasn’t stopping. I don’t think it really did stop till maybe 8 or 9 PM. South of town got like 8 or 9″ easily if not more. I plowed in one of the neighborhoods I do maintenance in and I couldn’t keep up with the snow. It just kept falling. I had been working for about 10 or 11 hours when I headed out there. It was so disillusioning to have whatever you just plowed to be covered again. I ended up just calling the boss man and telling him our efforts were quite frivolous at this point and we called it a day. Phew.

So in non snow/tired news……we leave for Hawaii in 5 days and it couldn’t come at a better time! This weekend we’ll be shopping for the last remaining items on our list of things we need for the trip. I think all I need is a babin suit, bug spray and sun block. We’ve been pouring over the weather forecasts and it’s like high 70s and partly rainy/sunny for next week. I’ll take it. And I don’t have drive for a whole 10 days which I am looking forward to with much joy. Expect some pictures up here upon return to the mainland.

Well, I’m going to scrounge up some late lunch and maybe continue my nap on the couch. Hope you’re all having a wonderful day. Cheers.

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Fat and tired

I am mad at everyone for sending me candy for Christmas because I’ve totally put on a healthy fat layer since receiving all that candy. There’s hope to lose some weight in Hawaii as I will be carrying a huge backpack around for quite a few days. Oh well, what do I expect when I burn a billion calories a day during the season and then sit on my bum for three months? My pants still fit though, so that’s cool.

I’m pretty tired from working last night and I’ll probably be headed out tonight but much later in the night. Snow is not scheduled till after midnight. I’ve been working on a new writing, but I didn’t get very far because my attention span is about 20 seconds right now. So yup. I hope to finish it up by the end of the week and put it up on here. Ok I’m tuckered. I’m going to do some fun stuff like put my chili in plastic containers. Peace.

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sleeping must be a fun past time

Monday Night
A chance of snow showers in the evening…then snow overnight. Breezy. Snow accumulation of 2 to 5 inches mainly west of Highway 97. Lows 20 to 27. South wind 15 to 25 mph. Chance of precipitation near 100 percent.

Snow and rain. Breezy. Snow level increasing to 3000 feet. Highs 31 to 39. South wind 15 to 25 mph. Chance of precipitation near 100 percent.

According to the National Weather Service (which is right about 10% of the time), I won’t be sleeping till Wednesday. And according to Colleen’s Bank Account, it’s tres exciting. I finally went out today to plow. It was great because no one showed me how to plow and I had to figure it all out by myself. Thanks boss. Oh well. It only took me about a billion hours to plow one place so I hope they don’t mind that bill. I hope tonight when I get to plow my other 5/6 places it goes well.

Big news out of the short story front, I got the one I’ve been working on FOREVER done. And it’s out to my editor right now. I hope she gets it back to me shortly because I will for sure be posting up on here. I’m pretty happy with it. I hope it is well received. I definitely want to hear feedback on it, so please tear it apart if you are willing. In the end I want to submit it somewhere cool like everywhere mag. Maybe get published. Maybe become an internationally famous writer. Oh aspirations…….

Well, I am going to read or do something cool right now. I will probably be going out to work tonight to finish the other accounts we didn’t get done today, so I HOPE for it to be a short night. Toodles kiddies.

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New pictures

As promised, I got a new page of pictures up. As soon as I put up this post, I’ll be throwing some HTML in the photos page so you can experience the fun of Colleen in all the colors of the world! There’s also a link to some pictures from the Bend Brew Fest that I obviously forgot to put up on here. It’s like a two for one deal. Consider it your lucky day.

I watched this movie today called Satellite. It’s an indie from the Bend Film library and I really loved it. It seems as though every time I take a movie out of there, it very much speaks to me. All in different ways, but always telling me to do what I want. Don’t let societal norms tell you how to live your life. And I like it. It’s just being happy with who you are and what you’re doing. So yey.

Any who, I may throw another post up here later or maybe I’ll just work on some other writings I have started. You’ll have to check back and see. In any case, enjoy the pictures. Cheers.

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waiting for repair

Earlier today I attempted to post another photo but it didn’t work. So I am hoping that problem is remedied in the next few days which would be really nice. Matt F. informed me he wanted more photos and I explained the problem regarding it. I know. Blogs without pictures are pretty boring in general. Sorry. I hope Mr. F is going to come through big time and bless me with dreamweaver so I can do some REAL webpage updates. At that point I may finally lay down some cash to get my own domain name. We’ll see what happens. At the least, pray for the ability to post blog pictures.

Did any one check out that website I posted about yesterday? I posted some pictures on there. It would be epic to get the pictures printed in a magazine. My fingers are crossed that they get chosen. Speaking of pictures….should I post some on here at some point? That might be nice for your viewing pleasure. Hmm. Maybe some PG New Years pictures if there are any. Most are PG-13 or R. Just kidding. Yeah, I throw up some from the past couple months tomorrow possibly.

Oh so I’ve got another mag. Good magazine. Very socially responsible magazine. I ponied up the money for a years subscription. We’ve gone magazine crazy the last couple days. Kind of strange, but good. It’s opened up some whole new lines of creativity and thought for sure. My first mag should arrive in 4-6 weeks. Thank you. Any who, you can check that one out at

I’ve been good these whole three days with writing!! The challenge will be when I start taking landscaping classes and am working. Hmm.

Well, Tera is beckoning me to come play wii with her. Better heed her call.

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New website

Tera came home yesterday from the store with a new magazine (like new as in this was the first issue). It’s called Everywhere magazine and it’s ultra cool. The stories and pictures are submitted by regular folks like you and me. If you get a chance, check it out. Maybe you could even submit something and lead you to a lucrative career in the travel industry.

Also, cruising is the best thing ever. It is not biking. It is cruising. Cruising is done in style unlike biking. I cruised for the first time to work today and it was so nice. I really enjoyed it and look forward to doing it this summer.


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day 1

I’ve made it back from Portland successfully. The mountain passes weren’t THAT bad. We were lucky to get some beautiful weather the last two days, so it really helped the traveling. If it wasn’t nice, I probably wouldn’t have gone to P-town.

Last night was really a lot of fun. We got some great dancing in and a little bit of libation consumption as well. I am feeling the after affects of last night today. But I seem to be making a full recovery. I just ate a lovely quesadilla and am drinking tea now. I’m happy to be back in Bend and no longer driving.

Tera and I are watching The Amazing Race. This post is me putting my new year’s resolution into action. It’s short, I know. My recovery is more important to me than mindless blabbering on the internet.

Happy 2008, friends. Cheers.

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