Oh ok, so everything is goofy.

I just tried to figure out about the picture deal on here. I even thought for a second that a photo actually posted but it was all a lie. So sad for you guys. You’ll have to just keep up with my writing I guess. It bothers me a lot more than it probably bothers you actually. And someone named Matthew should really get on top of sending me some software so it’s no longer an issue.

Any who………in better picture news, there are some photos up from our Hawaiian adventure up in the photos section! Yey. I posted about half of them or so. Maybe tonight I will continue my postings or it may wait till tomorrow. Snow will probably call me out for the night and I may be too tired.

I spent today recovering from Hawaii. It was so nice. I watched some telly, posted those pictures and even watched the keynote speech for macworld 2008. I really was interested to see what Apple was launching. I am sooooo getting the new OSX and the Time Capsule. Check it.

Well, there are about 2938473927 people at my house and I can’t hear myself think at all. Peace out.

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