Suprise adventure.

I am very ecstatic to report that I only consumed 2 beers out last night. Had I emptied in any more in my gullet I would have been in an interesting position when called in for work at midnight. I awoke to the alert sound on my phone going off. Apparently I was pretty tired and didn’t hear my boss call me. But I rolled over, talked and then got up and went out. I had been sleeping for about 40 minutes at that point so I was totally out of it. I managed to stay up without any problems. I worked until 5:30, came home and ate and actually WENT TO SLEEP. Like most of the day. I Ended up getting about 9 hours of sleep which I’m truly shocked about since I can never fall asleep during the day. Perhaps this was different since I didn’t really get any sleep before going out. The body is funny that way.

So yup. All rested up. We’re having some people over tonight for a little party. Nothing too crazy because I am not in the mood very much and neither is Tera. I developed a little bit of an illness this week (I’m going to guess from not eating much and sleeping the bare minimum) so drinking isn’t that great of an idea. I seriously doubt I will be called out tonight so I am very much looking forward to sleeping in tonight! Yes! A whole night of uninterrupted sleep with nothing to wake up for in the morning? God be praised.

So I am working on a new short story. I should have it finished by the time I leave for Hawaii (I can’t remember if I mentioned that yet), and I will hopefully be posting it. The other story is STILL OUT TO MY EDITOR. She’s about to be fired for slow response. Yeah, so gosh. Two stories this month when I never before wrote anything to be submitted before. It’s pretty exciting. This whole forcing myself to write everyday has been great. I hope you kids are enjoying it as well. It’s really improved my mental happiness and has given me something to focus on doing everyday.
Ok, I need to get ready for this party! Time to clean myself and the house! Cheers kids. Have a good weekend.

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