I kind of slept for almost 5 hours just now. That’s a first since Saturday night and I feel more tired now than I have at any other point in the last few days. We’re praying not to have to go out tonight. It’s been an incredibly long week of work. Although I’m grateful to be making money, I could have thought of easier ways of going about doing so. The good thing is I am actually very sleepy rather than delusional now, so when I put my head on my pillow tonight I should be able to fall asleep quite easily. There were many tired faces at work at midnight last night. I had no idea how hard on the body this was going to be. Yeah.
So the snow…….this was the most snow I’ve seen fall on Bend since I moved here two years ago. Yesterday was just nuts. It wasn’t stopping. I don’t think it really did stop till maybe 8 or 9 PM. South of town got like 8 or 9″ easily if not more. I plowed in one of the neighborhoods I do maintenance in and I couldn’t keep up with the snow. It just kept falling. I had been working for about 10 or 11 hours when I headed out there. It was so disillusioning to have whatever you just plowed to be covered again. I ended up just calling the boss man and telling him our efforts were quite frivolous at this point and we called it a day. Phew.

So in non snow/tired news……we leave for Hawaii in 5 days and it couldn’t come at a better time! This weekend we’ll be shopping for the last remaining items on our list of things we need for the trip. I think all I need is a babin suit, bug spray and sun block. We’ve been pouring over the weather forecasts and it’s like high 70s and partly rainy/sunny for next week. I’ll take it. And I don’t have drive for a whole 10 days which I am looking forward to with much joy. Expect some pictures up here upon return to the mainland.

Well, I’m going to scrounge up some late lunch and maybe continue my nap on the couch. Hope you’re all having a wonderful day. Cheers.

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