waiting for repair

Earlier today I attempted to post another photo but it didn’t work. So I am hoping that problem is remedied in the next few days which would be really nice. Matt F. informed me he wanted more photos and I explained the problem regarding it. I know. Blogs without pictures are pretty boring in general. Sorry. I hope Mr. F is going to come through big time and bless me with dreamweaver so I can do some REAL webpage updates. At that point I may finally lay down some cash to get my own domain name. We’ll see what happens. At the least, pray for the ability to post blog pictures.

Did any one check out that website I posted about yesterday? I posted some pictures on there. It would be epic to get the pictures printed in a magazine. My fingers are crossed that they get chosen. Speaking of pictures….should I post some on here at some point? That might be nice for your viewing pleasure. Hmm. Maybe some PG New Years pictures if there are any. Most are PG-13 or R. Just kidding. Yeah, I throw up some from the past couple months tomorrow possibly.

Oh so I’ve got another mag. Good magazine. Very socially responsible magazine. I ponied up the money for a years subscription. We’ve gone magazine crazy the last couple days. Kind of strange, but good. It’s opened up some whole new lines of creativity and thought for sure. My first mag should arrive in 4-6 weeks. Thank you. Any who, you can check that one out at http://www.goodmagazine.com

I’ve been good these whole three days with writing!! The challenge will be when I start taking landscaping classes and am working. Hmm.

Well, Tera is beckoning me to come play wii with her. Better heed her call.

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